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Tranter Phe Gasket & Plates

SRJ Engineers Pvt. Ltd. is a replacement manufacturer of Plate Heat Exchanger (Phe) Gaskets, Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers or for Plates for Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers. We also engineer, thermal rate, expand, clean, and sell plate and frame heat exchangers. We have been stocking and selling plate heat exchanger gaskets and heat exchangers for nearly 15 years.

All sizes shown below are in millimeters for use on the chart to the right. Contact us for any aspect related to gaskets or plate and frame heat exchangers, as well as modifications or new equipment.
Tranter 11T Tranter GX091 Tranter HX180 Tranter GCD006
Tranter GX100 Tranter HX25 Tranter GCD012 Tranter GX12
Tranter HX50 Tranter GCD030 Tranter GX18 Tranter HX85
Tranter GCD054 Tranter GX26 Tranter HXD012 Tranter GCD055
Tranter GX42 Tranter HXD025 Tranter GCD065 Tranter GX51
Tranter HXD050 Tranter GCP026 Tranter GX64 Tranter HXD085
Tranter GCP030 Tranter GX85 Tranter HXD145 Tranter GCP051
Tranter GX91 Tranter HXD180 Tranter GCP051 Tranter GX91
Tranter HXD180 Tranter GCP060 Tranter GXD012 Tranter HXP050
Tranter GF057 Tranter GXD018 Tranter S3 Tranter GF097
Tranter GXD026 Tranter S8 Tranter GF187 Tranter GXD037
Tranter TW10 Tranter GFP030 Tranter GXD042 Tranter TW18
Tranter GFP050 Tranter GXD051 Tranter TW5 Tranter GFP057
Tranter GXD060 Tranter UX01 Tranter GFP080 Tranter GXD064
Tranter UX05 Tranter GFP097 Tranter GXD085 Tranter UX066
Tranter GFP100 Tranter GXD091 Tranter UX06T Tranter GFP180
Tranter GXD100 Tranter UX10 Tranter GFP187 Tranter GXD140
Tranter UX20 Tranter GLD013 Tranter GXD145 Tranter UX40
Tranter GLP013 Tranter GXD180 Tranter UX801 Tranter GM138
Tranter GXP018 Tranter UX81 Tranter GM257 Tranter GXP026
Tranter UXP005 Tranter GM276 Tranter GXP037 Tranter UXP010
Tranter GM56 Tranter GXP042 Tranter UXP060 Tranter GM59
Tranter GXP051 Tranter UXP200 Tranter GX012 Tranter GXP118
Tranter UXP400 Tranter GX018 Tranter HX012 Tranter UXP801
Tranter GX026 Tranter HX025 Tranter UXP900 Tranter GX042
Tranter HX050 Tranter GX051 Tranter HX085 Tranter GX064
Tranter HX12